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The competition committee didnt cancel their appearance. Saruman Snake could still send three people. The score would be three to zero anyway, but who would want to watch such a match?


Lie Xins Flaming Frenzy Blade mech suddenly whirled around. Bang! It flew up. The ground shattered. Once again, the engineers of Aslan were speechless. The alloy that they were so proud of was really outstanding and tough.


Daring to attack him spiritually? Tsk, tsk. That would do a lot of good. Maybe under great complement, he could use the super mech without requiring Bonehead to exchange something. That would be wonderful.


Wang Zhengs team was indeed a legend. Without Saruman Snake, Lear would be a legend as well. He had started from Earth, and with one step at a time, climbed from the IG to the Greatest King and now on to the SIG. When Wang Zheng was the captain, Lear was the vice captain. When Wang Zheng was Greatest King, he was in fourth place. Now they were together as top four in SIG.


With Snow Li’s Ice Bird mech, she had been preparing for a long time. She had always been waiting for the day that she could display her use.


Lie Xins mech remained motionless. This was a moment of breakthrough; not to mention move, even a distraction would be disastrous. Lie Xin had to be crazy. Did she think that her opponent would just stand by and watch her?

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Such a level of spiritual power was simply horrifyingly great; it could interfere and control the territory of the opponent. This was pure power of suppression.


When their strength reached a certain level, it would gather its own power and not waste it unnecessarily. Two tyrannical powers continuously gathered between the two of them, constantly compressing. What kind of force would the power of the five elements be unleashing?


There was no way he could win, even through a fierce battle. Not a chance!


The two laser swords struck one another as if they were glued together. These were two of the most mutual promoting and restraining forces, and they surpassed the mutual promotion and restrained forces of the minor five elements.


Kashawen smiled slightly. “Of course you are. You are better and stronger than I am. I am just a founder.”


The members of the Sword Shield Rose team were very calm. Was it necessary to make such a big fuss?


The highly anticipated Saruman Snake battle team versus Manalasuo’s Golden Wheel battle team. This was considered one of the most evenly matched teams as well. Both teams were highly team-oriented, and their captains were also leaders of this year.



Some people gave up because they felt that no one would look for them, or that they would not be able to wait until that moment. And for Meng Tian?



The Knight of Holy Light fell. Behind it was a gigantic, radiation-enhanced hole. The energy protection wall behind it had also been penetrated. The most horrifying thing was that the melted hole had unexpectedly formed broken layers, and energies were unable to flow into it.


This was the strongest opponent that Wang Zheng had ever faced. He could not be merciful he had to give it his best. He had used all his strength for this.


The six energy warriors did not pursue but instead returned to Locatelli’s side, recharging again. The colours of the six energy warriors slowly began to brighten up again.

  • Snow Li held back what she wanted to say. She knew that Wang Zheng was not being wilful. But when facing the agile Atlanteans, not only could she not contribute as a battling power, she could even be a hindrance to the battle. The limitations of the arena could prevent Wang Zheng from displaying his full potential.
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